Gen3. Blender tree generator.

What is it?

Gen3 is parameter-driven tree model generator for Blender. Generation algorithm is based on model described in "Creation and Rendering of Realistic Trees" by Jason Weber and Joseph Penn.

Some screenshots



Gen3 v0.5 source code ZIP-archive
Gen3 v0.4 source code ZIP-archive
Gen3 v0.3 source code ZIP-archive
Gen3 v0.2 source code ZIP-archive
Gen3 v0.1 source code ZIP-archive


  1. Unpack archive into temporary directory.
  2. Copy and gt directory into your Blender scripts location.


Start Blender and run Gen3 from 'Scripts->Misc->Gen3'

Usage notes

First of all I recommend to read J.Weber and J.Penn paper to understand model parameters. But it is not absolutelly necessary - you can just run script and play with parameters (if you computer is fast enough ;), or you can use predefined parameter sets for quick start.
I suggest to start from trunk only generation (set 'Levels' to 0) and increase 'Levels' only then you are satisfied with results. It will help you to see tree structure better and also significantly speed up generation process.


Current limitations


If you have questions about this plugin you can e-mail to stager13(at)
(c) Sergey Prokhorchuk (A.K.A. Stager) 2006